Why Recycle?

On Site Crushing = Economic Efficiency

When you partner with Aggrecon Crushing you will find additional value in the efficiencies we bring to every project, from scheduling benefits to monetary savings. You get more than the obvious transportation savings with on-site crushing:

  • Minimize landfill use and reduce dumping fees
  • Reduce fuel and transportation costs thanks to fewer loads of inbound materials
  • Reduce traffic on our roadway systems
  • Improve air quality by reducing vehicle emissions
  • Crushed, re-cycled aggregates are less expensive than alternative natural aggregate and preserve our natural resources
Aggrecon Crushing will work with you by processing concrete and asphalt, screening it and crushing it at your site, this can get you finished product for less than current delivered prices for new material. Your recycled material never has to leave your site, ensuring that you have taken one more step to helping our planet to be a better place to live for future generations.

Concrete and asphalt pavements are the nation’s most widely recycled products. Twice as much pavement is recycled than paper, glass, plastic and aluminum combined. Aggrecon Crushing helps you turn waste product into valuable material that you can re-use as part of new roads, roadbeds, shoulders and embankments.
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